5 Spots Only: "Self-Love Level Up!" with Diana Tula 


You + Love

Do you want to fall in love with your body? Ready to feel that self-love without fear and regrets? Tired of comparing yourself to others and want to finally see how amazing you are? 

Unforgettable 3 Months of Discovering Yourself!

You & I will spend 3 months together ( just you and me 1:1) and for the first time ever you'll get to see just how amazing you are:


We will work privately, just you and me (no one else! this is not a group program). All calls and content that I create for you is fully personalized to you and your unique core.


I will celebrate the unique you every step of the way and will show you just how special and beautiful you are!


You are full of talents and possibilities: discover what they are! I promise you, you haven't seen these parts of you yet.

Finally feel the freedom of loving yourself...


My Clients Have...

  • Gained clarity in life. Discovered their potential and life goals.
  • Cleansed from the past. Detoxed from ex-boyfriends and ex-fiances.
  • Strengthened family ties. Improved relationships with their parents (expecially with their moms).
  • Overcame hard times. Got over postpartum depression.
  • Blossomed in romance. Met new love on their own terms, as wholesome individuals.
  • Leveled up their career. Got new jobs and internships of their dreams.
  • Said goodbye to fear. Moved past fears that were holding them back. 
  • Accepted their unique flare! 

What You'll Get:

  •  Private Coaching (value $3000): three months of private 1:1 coaching with Diana.
  •  M-F Support in a private chat (value $1200): Diana as a cheerleader by your side is ready to answer all our burning questions and have your back.
  •  12 Private Calls (value $4200): weekly calls to inspire you, check your progress and give valuable feedback on your self-love transformation.
  •  3 Months Adventure (value $600): three months of unique homework and quests that are personalized to your unique journey.
  • Progress Reports (value $2100): incredibly useful monthly reports with your progress and notes from our work to inspire and motivate you. You will literally be able to see your progress.
  • BONUS 1 (value $350): Access to "How To Plan For A Successful Year" course and all its materials.  
  • BONUS 2 (value $200): A physical surprise package hand curated and mailed out by me.

True Potential.

Identify what kind of hidden talents you are harbouring inside. It's time to dicover them.

Beautiful Body.

Learn how to accept your body as it is. No more looking in the mirror and desiring to change something.

Clear Mind.

Get clarity on your goals, dreams and finally understand where you're going.

Inspired Soul.

Discover what lights you up and gets you excited about life and personal goals.


About Your Teacher:

Diana has been in the business of helping others for over a decade and with that experience came the passion to help people 1:1 to go from living good to great lives. With that in mind, Diana came up with amazing & simple techniques that helped to tranform lives of over 250 women and counting. 

Everything that Diana teaches she tests out on herself first to make sure that it really works!

Outside of the personal coaching world, Diana is a big fan of traveling, discovering new cultures, and creating watercolour art under the supervision of her helper and cat Yuki.


So much value in one person!

"I am amazed with how much information I was able to gain from working with Diana. Diana is a genius with so much kindness, love and support to give you! Working with her is trully an incredible experience." 



Amazing advice.

"Diana gave me a fresh perspective on who I am and my hobbies. I got the much needed nudge to try out something new and discover my talents. I am no longer afraid to go after what I want. Thank you Di! xx" 


Ready to Level Up Your Self-Love? 

5 Spots Left: When they're gone, they're gone.